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 The European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance and Certification (EIPACC) is a solid boutique network body of certified privacy and data protection experts with a growing global presence, with engagements in all sectors of the economy.

EIPACC is your reliable partner and committed certified expert to make a significant contribution to your privacy and data protection excellence at multiple levels of people, process, products and services of your organization and operations, paving the way for your data protection maturity and official EU GDPR Certification of your organization and operations.

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Official EIPACC EU Registered Certificates

Find out how to apply for an official EU GDPR Certificate issued by the European Institute for Privacy, Audit, Compliance & Certification (EIPACC).

Companies outside the EU who offer products or services to persons (legal and/or natural) in the European Union, or deploy employees in the European Union (EU) are pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) required to provide sufficient guarantees that for processing personal data appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented as per the requirements of the GDPR.

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The European Register of Data Protection Professionals (RDPP) is the largest European Register of Data Protection Professionals who have finished certified education and/or training  which comply  with one or more knowledge requirements of one or more certification schemes of the European Association of Data Protection Professionals (EADPP). The RDPP is maintained by EIPACC as an independent entity as part of its promoting of GDPR quality education and training.

Added value of RDPP registration is that anyone – in most cases future employers or integrity officers acting on behalf of them – can verify and check with EIPACC (as an independent expert body) whether or not the student (job applicant) successfully (evidence based) has acquired GDPR knowledge and expertise as the requirements of one or more EADPP Certification Schemes. 

Everyone (inside or outside the EU) who has successfully completed any certified GDPR education (courses, trainings or otherwise) can apply for RDPP registration. In your RDPP record will be noted which certified knowledge fields and/or GDPR skills of the GDPR are covered.

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The non-EU controller/processor is pursuant to the GDPR obliged to implement appropriate and effective measures and be able to demonstrate the compliance of processing activities with the GDPR including the effectiveness of the measures. 

EIPACC Global GDPR Certification Services provides a state of the art methodology to certify the conformity of all sorts of data processing and enables companies to reduce their risks, to demonstrate their conformity with the GDPR, and to enhance their reputation and market access.

  1. Identify and reduce legal and financial risks as an Non-EU company
  2. Demonstrate GDPR compliance as per your terms and conditions (through impartial EIPACC Advisory)
  3. Improve reputation and access to market
  4. Build Trust and Confidence for you EU business partners and EU Data Protection Authorities
  5. Ease cross-border data transfer to and from the EU for your business purposes 
  6. Develop a GDPR competitive edge

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